Our facilities at Heritage Park are carefully considered. Laneways provide easy and safe access throughout the entire property with individual shelters for our 21 pretraining yards provide comfort for the horses all year round. Our 50 agistment paddocks also provide optimum shelter and range in size from 2 to 5 acres. There are 10 loose boxes for horses requiring stabling or special needs.

Heritage Park's training tracks include a 900 metre undulating track and a 1000 metre straight track. Our 3 horse barrier is situated at the top of the 1000 metre straight track. The barriers are used as a tool for educating young or older rogue horses.

One of the most innovative additions to Heritage Park is the latest 8 horse walker. With the comfort of the horses in mind our fully roofed walker also enables staff to follow through with routine and programme no matter what the weather.

Swimming exercise allows a strain free, low impact form of exercise. For anyone requiring their horses to have swimming exercise Heritage Park has pure bore dam designed for this purpose.